Digestion : Gastrointestinal Health

Digestion & GI Health

It Starts in the Gut!

Research and clinical application continue to reinforce the relationship between Gastrointestinal (GI) Health and its impact on seemingly unrelated systems of the body, including cardiovascular and mental health. Not surprisingly, with roughly 80% of the immune system housed within the gastrointestinal tract, a comprehensive understanding of Human Physiology in not required to appreciate this connection.

Pain, fatigue, allergies, neurologic dysfunction, and/or degenerative disease can result from local or systemic inflammatory response, due to any of the following conditions:
  1. improper food breakdown and absorption
  2. overgrowth of non-acute, non-infectious microorganisms (Dysbiosis)
  3. a lack of beneficial bacteria (Microbiome Imbalance)
  4. increased intestinal permeability (‘Leaky Gut’)

A nutrient-rich diet is the foundation of wellness.
The gut digests and absorbs those vital nutrients needed by ALL biological systems. 
Consequently, supporting digestion and GI function is fundamental to sustained health!

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